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Trusted Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Perris, CA

Where is Perris, California?

Perris, California (population 79,133) is located in Riverside County and is about 71 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 80 miles north of San Diego. The city is part of the Inland Empire region of California and is known for Lake Perris, which is host to a variety of wildlife. Perris is best known for its many aerial activities, like hot-air ballooning and skydiving. The city offers a lower cost of housing than other California cities and is said to be a tranquil community where it is ideal for raising a family. However, because it is in close proximity to the California-Mexico border, Perris has an underlying thread of drug abuse and trafficking that is having a negative impact on the city. 

Perhaps the most troubling substance to affect southern California, including Perris, is fentanyl. It is an opioid painkiller that is significantly more potent than morphine and is one of the most harmful drugs in the country. Unfortunately, fentanyl has become prevalent on the black market and is sold illicitly despite being an effective prescription pain reliever when used appropriately. Cities like Perris are beginning to see spikes in overdose deaths due to fentanyl, after escaping the opioid epidemic much longer than many other areas of California. 

Residents of Perris who become addicted to fentanyl or any other drugs or alcohol do have the choice to seek help though. While there aren’t many addiction treatment facilities in the city of Perris, there are many within the Inland Empire area where addicted Perris residents can get the help they need. 

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Perris, CA

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you don’t have to despair. There is help available for you that can help you break the bonds of addiction. Drug and alcohol treatment centers vary from facility to facility; however, they all have the same purpose – to help people in your shoes. You’ll want to start with a detox program, where you can rid your body of substances. This is a very important first step that should be done in a medically supervised setting rather than at home. That’s because the detox from some substances can cause severe withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be life-threatening. 

After completing detox, you’ll be ready to start treatment for your addiction. Detox doesn’t cure your substance abuse disorder. Instead, it allows you to begin treatment with a clear head and a healthier body. To move forward with the recovery, you need to address the issues that affect your life in such a way that you became addicted to drugs or alcohol. This includes things like how you see yourself, how you cope with triggers and temptations to relapse and your mental health. Attending an outpatient or inpatient addiction program will help with these issues by providing you with addiction education, group and individual therapy, relapse prevention techniques, support groups, psychiatric care, aftercare, and more. 

Whether you go to inpatient or outpatient treatment is up to you. However, your doctor in detox will likely make a recommendation of which level of care might be the most effective for you. If it’s at all possible, you should follow that advice. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment provide hope, structure, and the tools you need to enjoy a fulfilling drug-free life. With willingness and support, you can change the course of your life for the better. 

Should I Travel for Addiction Treatment? 

Traveling for addiction treatment can be a great idea for some people. It allows you to focus on yourself and your recovery without distractions, which makes drug and alcohol treatment more effective. Additionally, it broadens your list of choices of treatment centers, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your individual needs. The closest rehab to your home may not be the one that is best suited for you. 

Further, going to an addiction center that is in another city or state may put you in a better mindset for starting a new life of recovery. Many people who travel for treatment have a sense of starting over, having a blank slate, and that can help with your success in treatment. 

For those individuals who want an extra layer of privacy, traveling for rehab can be beneficial. People who have high-profile jobs, like politicians and celebrities, often prefer to attend treatment away from where they live so they don’t run into anyone they no there. 

Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Center 

There are various methods and programs that are effective for treating drug and alcohol addiction that treatment centers use. One isn’t necessarily better than another, because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to addiction. What works for you may not work for someone else. That’s why it’s important to find a treatment facility and program that meet your individual needs. Consider aspects like the level of care you need, the location, specialized treatments, and whether you need treatment for co-occurring disorders (when you have a mental health condition as well as addiction). These are all important elements of finding the right drug and alcohol program. 

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Perris, CA?

The cost of drug and alcohol treatment in Perris and the rest of California varies greatly. There are rehabs that are considered to be luxury facilities that are very pricey. But, there are also treatment centers that are low-cost or free that offer programs of recovery that are just as successful. 

In figuring out the cost of treatment programs in Perris, CA, you first have to consider the amenities the center offers and its location in relation to your own needs. If you are looking for a treatment center that offers services and gourmet meals like a five-star hotel, then you are going to pay a lot more than one that focuses solely on recovery therapies and activities. 

How Do I Pay for Rehab in Perris, CA?

One of the biggest worries for people who want to go to rehab is how they will pay for it. It is true that many treatment centers are quite expensive. That’s why most people who seek addiction treatment use their health insurance to help cover the cost. In California, health insurance providers are required to cover at least a portion of the cost of substance abuse treatment. You can check with your insurance company to see what your personal insurance policy covers. If it doesn’t cover all of the cost, you may be able to make financial arrangements with the treatment center to pay off the balance monthly after you complete the program.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance Coverage for Rehab? 

If you don’t have insurance to help you pay for the cost of rehab, all is not lost. You still have options for getting the help you need. If you have the resource, you can pay for treatment yourself. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers will help you with a payment arrangement so you can pay monthly over a period of time. Also, California has many options for no-cost and low-cost treatment. There is often a waiting list for this type of treatment center, but waiting is much better than not seeking help. 

Other options for paying for drug and alcohol treatment include asking family members and friends to help you cover the cost of applying for a loan with your bank. The important thing to remember is that you can find help no matter what your financial situation is. Don’t let a lack of health insurance stop you from going to rehab and learning a better, healthier way to live. 


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