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The 3 Signs Of Alcoholism You Can’t Ignore: Feeling Like You Can’t Stop

The 3 Signs Of Alcoholism You Can’t Ignore: Feeling Like You Can’t Stop

Our last two blogs have looked at two of three warning signs you cannot ignore about alcoholism: developing a tolerance and noticing symptoms of withdrawal. The progress of alcoholism can happen quickly. Once a tolerance develops it can quickly evolve into a chemical dependency which creates debilitating symptoms of withdrawal. People at this point of alcoholism go one of two ways, they stop, realizing what has happened, or they continue to drink, feeling like they no longer have the ability to stop, despite how sick they are becoming.

The terms “addict” and “alcoholic” get thrown around loosely in mainstream media narratives. TV show billboards use the word “addicting” and people describe things they’re fiercely passionate about as their “addictions”. People may crave these things they describe. People may even obsess about them and develop some less than healthy behaviors around them. Most likely, however, if people had to stop watching their TV shows, playing a game on their phone, or doing a certain exercise, they would be able to. Being able to stop and being able to stay stopped is not having an addiction or being an alcoholic. When someone finds that they are completely unable to stop drinking on their own, they know, whether they want to admit it or not, they have become alcoholic. There is a caveat that many alcoholics cling to for too long. They may be able to stop. Alcoholics can have periods of staying abstinent from alcohol. Eventually, they succumb to the temptation of a drink once more. As soon as they pick up that first drink, they pick up exactly where they left off. For someone who has developed the disease of alcoholism, there is no such thing as drinking normally. A drinker who can manage and control their drinking without problem is not an alcoholic. A drinker who can no longer control their drinking or stop when left to their own devices, is an alcoholic drinker.

Tragically, it can take years or even decades for an alcoholic to finally and fully admit that they cannot stop drinking. “The worst of all deceptions,” Plato wrote, “is self-deception.” Someone who has become alcoholic can deceive themselves quite literally to death that they are not alcoholic.

If you have developed a tolerance, are noticing symptoms of withdrawal, or have found that you cannot stop drinking, the time is now to seek help.

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