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Signs Of A Drinking Problem

Signs Of A Drinking Problem

Alcohol is a depressant, primarily. Depressants can produce euphoric, numbing sensations in the mind and the body, which is why people turn to alcohol to “take the edge off”. Millions of people turn to a drink at the end of the day to release their stress. You might find yourself reaching for a drink to deal with more stressors than the end of the day. Alcohol might be a way you cope with other areas of your life. If you find that you are craving or turning to alcohol whenever anything, or even a specific group of things stresses you out, you could be running into a problem. Part of the complexity created by alcoholism is the deep mental association between stress caused by life and relief from stress caused by alcohol. The more mentally and physically dependent you become on alcohol, the more at risk you are for developing a chemical dependency.

Drinking more than you want

An early sign of alcoholism is being unable to regulate how much you drink. You take various measures to try and control your drinking. Different rules you set like, only drinking a certain amount, on certain days, at certain times, are constant failures. You consistently find yourself drinking more than you want to, as if the first drink sets you up for uncontrollable behavior. Those who are in recovery from alcoholism learn the first drink is always the problem. If you can’t avoid that first drink, you can’t avoid the ones which come after it.

Acting different under the influence

Alcohol is a mind-altering substance, meaning it changes the way you behave. Some people don’t change much under the influence of alcohol. Other people turn into a completely different person under the influence of alcohol. If alcohol completely changes who you are and how you behave, you might have a problem with the substance. If you cannot control how much you are drinking and cause damage when you are intoxicated, there may be a problem present.

Making bad decisions

People who get “drunk” are prone to making bad decisions every now and then. People who hve a problem with drinking make bad decisions every time they get drunk, which may be often or occasionally. Whenever you drink, you end up having at least one problem to fix the next day. You completely lose control of yourself when you are under the influence of alcohol and it causes you an incredible amount of stress.

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